The State Hermitage: Treasures from the Museum’s Collections: 250th Anniversary Edition

作者: Sutcliffe, Mark (EDT)/ Sampson, Nina (TRN)/ Martin, Sophie (TRN)/ Williams, Paul (TRN)/ Sayer, Phil (PHT)

原文出版社:Harry N Abrams Incimage  








位於俄羅斯聖彼得堡的艾米塔吉博物館 (又譯隱士廬博物館),由六座主要建築組成:冬宮、小艾米塔吉、舊艾米塔吉、艾米塔吉劇院、冬宮儲備庫、新艾米塔吉。艾米塔吉博物館與大英博物館、羅浮宮、紐約大都會博物館並列世界四大博物館,館內蒐藏三百萬件從石器時代至當代的世界文化藝術珍品,並擁有數位博物館。

  2014年為艾米塔吉博物館建館250週年,館方特別擴充1994年初版的官方導覽書內容,出版成這套250週年紀念兩冊套書,讓館內珍貴蒐藏、宏偉建築重現世人眼前!(文/ 博客來編譯)

  The Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia, is one of the great museums of the world. This stunning new edition of the definitive book on the museum showcases its unparalleled collections, which span prehistory to the 20th century: Paleolithic artifacts of the 22nd millennium BC; Egyptian antiquities; Roman portrait busts; Byzantine coins; Scythian gold; Chinese prints; 19th-century Tibetan art; paintings by Leonardo and Picasso, Matisse and Rembrandt; Sèvres porcelain; Gobelins tapestries; jewelry; costumes; furniture; and much more. Recent additions, such as the Soviet porcelain collection of the Lomonosov Porcelain Museum, are also included.

  Mikhail Piotrovsky's, new illustrated introduction reflect the "Greater Hermitage” project: its recent expansion across Palace Square, the museum’s new restoration and conservation center, and its affiliated museums in St Petersburg and beyond.

  First published in 1994, this revised and updated two-volume set—the official publication for the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage—is an unrivaled treasury of world culture.




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