A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book (立體書)

作者:Fischer, Chuck (ILT)/ Foster, Bruce (CON)/ Dickens, Charles

出版社:Little Brown & Coimage  









  在精美的立體書版本裡,藝術家Chuck Fischer微妙微肖地描繪出守財奴Ebenezer Scrooge的遭遇,而紙工程師Bruce Foster則鬼斧神工般強化了故事的3D場景。特別是維多利亞時期的街道、人物與鬼魂的造型等,處處可以體會到兩位作者所下的功夫,讓《小氣財神》立體書更像是一本溫暖人心的藝術作品。(文/博客來編譯)

  This beautiful re-imagining of Charles Dickens’s timeless fable, A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book features artist Chuck Fischer’s richly painted depictions of the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, brought to life in intricate pop-up scenes by paper engineer Bruce Foster. The entire text of A Christmas Carol is reproduced in five removable, illustrated, keepsake booklets. An introductory booklet provides a biography of Dickens and an illustrated feature on the enduring appeal of this beloved story. The perfect gift, A Christmas Carol, now in pop-up form, will brighten the holidays for young and old.


  Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was one of the most prolific authors of the nineteenth century. In his many short stories, plays, novellas, and novels, he created some of literature’s most memorable characters.

  Chuck Fischer’s paintings hang in some of the finest residences in the world. His designs have been reproduced on holiday ornaments and home furnishings, including wallpaper and fabrics in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. He is the author of six previous pop-up books: The White House, Great American Houses and Gardens, Christmas in New York, Christmas Around the World, In the Beginning, and Angels: A Pop-Up Book. He lives in New York and Florida.




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